Monday, 13 September 2010

Tintern Abbey

Yesterday was such a lovely day that I couldn't bear the thought of staying in and not taking any photos - so off to Tintern Abbey for the afternoon - it was very busy as admission was free (normally £3.60 for adults) - but it was lovely walking round the abbey and I spent 40 minutes or so taking photos - some obviously with people in them. It felt very peaceful walking around the ruined abbey even though there were lots of people about - all enjoying the sunshine - only once was I annoyed during the visit - and that was when a boy of about 8 took to dancing around on one of the gravestones in the abbey - and to top it all he was yelling about it - his mother did tell him to stop but didn't explain why it was wrong - that left me very disturbed - parents don't seem to teach their children respect these days. But that was the only real bad point - all the other kids were running about enjoing the day - probably much like I did when I visited there as a child.

The on to Beachley to continue the Severn Bridge odyssy - so far I have taken photos of the bridge from the air, from Aust near Bristol, and also now from Beachley, where the old ferry used to dock - I also have walked across the bridge (on bank holiday monday) so I have pretty much got the old bridge covered unless they start running ferries across the river again.

So lots of photos to sort, edit, and post on here - as soon as I have access to my laptop again I will do that - so soon I hope there will be a barrage of photos.

And being off for 5 days at the end of this week I am sure I will be taking more

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