Thursday, 20 September 2012

Caerphilly Castle

Well I know it's been a while but to be honest I was laid up for a week with a pulled muscle around my rib cage I was in agony for over a week and really didn't feel up to doing anything photographic - and in fact the photos in this post were taken a few weeks ago over the August bank holiday.
But I'm better and even though my PC has died ( I don't have much luck with PC's do I?) I have managed to purloin a laptop and here are the first few.

I will be posting more, probably tomorrow night when I will post some of the re-enactment crew who were there over the weekend. Any way if you are looking for more information on Caerphilly Castle including opening times and prices click HERE to visit Cadws website.

Anyway on another note I bought some filters this week and hopefully I will get to try them out soon - so - hopefully I will be able to update the site with filtered pictures soon - well you never know

See you soon xxx

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