Saturday, 19 January 2013

Out in the snow

Well as you may have heard the UK was hit by a snowstorm on Friday and being a lucky resident of South Wales, I found myself right smack bang under a Met Officer Red Alert - now they don't issue those very often, however the snow fall was nothing compared to January 1963 - click HERE to read about it on Wikipedia and me being the crazy Shutterbug that I am - went out for a walk - yes that's right, while it was snowing, in the forest and along the river. Below are a few photos from the walk

It really was like being on another planet out there, the branches of the trees were weighted with snow and on a couple of occasions my Dad and I heard a crack as a branch gave in to the weight and broke away from the tree.

I took over 100 photos and will share more of them with you soon

If you are out and about in this winter weather - please take care

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