Sunday, 17 February 2013

First visit of 2013 to Roath Park

Today the weather wasn't too bad and so off we went to Roath Park, We even took Misty with us. It wa cold walking around the park, but when the sun came out it was really nice. Once of the reasons for the trip was to try out the new lens I got the other day, and although I didn't use it that much I was pleased with the pictures I did get with it. Most of the time, however I had on my telephoto lens

 It was quite bright today, so I popped on my ND filter to blur the water in this shot

This was taken on the new Sigma 10-20mm lens and I really like this shot and I am looking forward to using this lens more in the near future.

I still have more photos to post of the Conservatory at Roath Park - so stay tuned

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