Monday, 17 March 2014

St Woolos Cemetery, Newport

Went for a walk around St Woolos cemetery the other day. This cemetery is becoming quite the celebrity as it has appeared in both Sherlock and Dr Who.
But the cemetery is fascinating despite it's BBC credentials. In 1848 the people of Newport were in dire straits with nowhere to bury their dead, the cemetery at St Woolos Churchyard was literally overflowing and something had to be done!
Within five years St Woolos Cemetery on Bassleg Road came in to being. St Woolos is massive and I would advise any Tapophiles in the area to have a look. I spent more than hour there and hardly saw any of it - lucky for me it is only a quick drive up the road, but like anything on your doorstep visiting is one of those things that gets put off.

However I do plan on visiting again and if you are interested in the cemeteries history I would check out The Newport Past website, they have a huge section on the cemetery which you can access by clicking HERE

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