Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Cardiff day out

A lovely Sunday and off to Cardiff to visit the Vintage Fair at City Hall - only bought I picture of MM and didn't take any photos in the hall itself but outside - that's another matter, as behind City Hall is Alexandra Gardens. part of Cathays Park. In Alexandra Gardens is the magnificent Welsh National War Memorial and in this year the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War it seems fitting to post images and remember those who died to keep the rest of us free from tyranny.

The Welsh National War Memorial is located in Cathays Park, in the centre of Cardiff, South Wales. The memorial was designed by J. Ninian Cooper and unveiled in June 1928 by the Prince of Wales. The memorial commemorates the servicemen who died during the First World War and a plaque for those who died during the Second World War was added in 1949. The circular colonnade envelops bronze figures of a soldier, sailor and an airman, each raising a wreath to a central elevated figure of a winged messenger of victory who holds a sword aloft.

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