Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fourteen Locks

Today I took the camera for a walk along 14 locks in High Cross, although not the best day to take photos due to the poor light I still got the 450d out for a play - Cant have my brother thinking I don't like it when he gets back from New Zealand - so I got to learn how to use it.

Grabbed a few shots of the scenery and the canal - they are supposed to be restoring it but according to my Dad it looks worse now than it did 20 years ago - which is a shame as it's a beautiful area and a great place to cycle or walk and we saw lots of people on bikes and walking dogs.

Anyway my next day off is on wednesday and unless its hammering down with rain, sleep or snow (or as is this is Wales, possibly all three) I willbe out and about with the camera again. Can't wait.

Will I ever be able to use this camera properly? I'm sure gonna try and learn.

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