Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Photography is in my genes

Well maybe not quite but i have been taking photos since I was 11 - way back in 1985 - jeepers- thats 24 years and I started with one of those 11o camera, you know the kind where the picture is always blurry and underexposed - nevertheless I was hooked taking photos of everything and everyone I could. I must have got my interest from my late grandfather who took lots of photos over the years, had his own darkroom and even built a stereoscopic camera and my archive contains a few examples of his work.

After the 110 I moved on to a Zenit 11 which like most Zenits was a bit of a brick but do you know I loved that camera - it went all over the place with me until in the early 90's I got a Pentax P30t - a camera which I still use today, it is always loaded with a roll of Ilford hp4 plus. I also have a Nikon F55, a Nikon compact film camera as well as a canon ixus 70 - so used now that the print has rubbed off in places - a few other cameras have come and gone and are probably lurking in the dark recesses of my home including a polaroid.

But now I have the Canon 450d as well I will still use the others - mainly as a back up or if i need a longer lens as i only have the one for the Canon at the mo - so they will never be forgotton - and left to gather dust.

that's all for now I'll see if i can find some of Grandad's pictures to look at

I'll keep you posted

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