Thursday, 13 May 2010

A blessing or a Curse

A strange title I admit but there is a point to it.

A few years ago a friend I worked with really got into digital photography. He had the camera, the PC, Photoshop the works. He would come to work describing all the photos he had taken on holiday and on the wekkend and how he couldn't wait to get home and work on the images he had taken. I saw some once and I have to say they were very good. He kept telling me how wonderful digital was, how convenient it was. At the time the only thing I knew how to do with a pc was turn it on and connect to the internet and I always maintained that I did not want to spend my evenings sitting in front of a computer editing my photos, yet I didn't think anything of spending three or four hours (or more) in my darkroom doing exactly the same thing.
But my how times have changed. I was sitting at home still tweaking images from Penalta and Crumlin when I remembered that guy and his words and realised that now I do exactly that - sit in front of a pc for hours editing my images and I have to say I do enjoy it.

I still use my film cameras but now as more of a back up in case I rung out of space on my memory cards or the battery dies, they will never be completely abandoned but have to say my digital camera has given my photography a new lease of life. I can't wait to get out and about taking photos and when I get back from my holidays I plan to join Cadw which is the welsh equivalent of English Heritage and try and get some photos of all the wonderful monuments here.

So it's a blessing because I'm taking my photography a lot more seriously these days

and a curse because of the sitting at the pc, the I need to buy a new hard drive/memory card/ photoshop/lens/flash/tripdod/remote release.

But it's certainly worth the effort I have never loved taking photos as much as I do now and I have always loved them.
Anyway I'm off for the day got to work to buy all that new equipment so I can take more photos

in the famous words of Arnie

'I'll be back'

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