Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ansel Adams at 100 by John Szarkozski

This was one of the first photography books I bought I have always loved reading the magazines but photo books are quitel expensive that I had never bothered before, anyway I liked the look odf this one and of course who hasn't heard of Ansel Adams?
Anyway it's a lovely book filled with beautiful plates by Adams. The biographical text at the beginning is short and to the point although personlly I would like a bit more in depth information - but then I can buy his autobiography later if I so wish (and I probably will).
I love black & white and always have and although Andams did shoot in colour there is something so beautiful stark about black & white landscapes.
Looking at the pictures in the book I feel that colour would have been so distracting in these images but in black & white you just can't help but stare at them.

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