Friday, 9 July 2010

The photographers view of the world

I was talking to a friend of mine who has never really been into photography. I gave him the link to this blog and he was impressed and said he was considering buying a camera if I would help him learn to use it - of course I said yes! Well I was talking to him again today and explained that once he starts taking photos he will start to see the world in a differnt way. I explained he will see things that other people don't notice. Well that really excited him and he says on payday he's off to get a camera!
It's true though I see things my friends and family don't. Countless times I have stopped and taking of photo and someone has said 'What are you taking a picture of?' because they don't see what I see and then when I've transfered the pictures to the pc and shown people the photo they have said 'I never even noticed that.'
I love photography and I love the way it makes me look at the world

Stepping Stones

The couple

So here are a few photos from Aizenay in France I guess you guys must be fed up fo France by now, but I am nearly at the end of the photos now - so soon I'll be looking for new things to shoot - got a lot planned throughout the summer so watch this space

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