Sunday, 28 November 2010

Finally new photos

Well I have finally got my laptop back and after having transfered all the images I had on my parents mac over to my external hard drive today I decided to got for a walk. The sky was blue, still a little snow on the ground it was a beautiful day for a walk.
It was very cold but I really enjoyed be back out and a bout with my camera
Here's to lots more photos in the coming days and weeks.


  1. You definitely have a passion and a good eye... thank you for sharing:-)
    shoot away.....

  2. thanks BudmanB - got lots more to share so will upload some more

  3. Andrea.... you are the best and I will look forward to seeing what is next.... you could visit my blog at BudmanB if you would like...

  4. will def have a look at your blog soon thanks for the comments

  5. Andrea, you are welcome anytime in
    California ... Thank you for visiting my site...
    I would like to invite you as a follower... to keep
    me on the straight and narrow:-)

  6. will def follow your blog and i hope you will do the same for me

  7. Absolutely.... Cheers.... and thank you.... BudmanB

  8. Andrea, could you e-mail me your address I would like to add you to my Yahoo IM.... my e-mail is
    I would enjoy being able to communicate more and easier...