Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Girls just have to have fun!!!

Yesterday I went for another long walk with my Dad, we headed off again into the hills around where we live following the footpaths -it was a lovely afternoon if a bit cold. Now I don't put many photos of myself on here but today I thought I'd share a few so you can see what trouble I get into on these walks

Now getting across the stile was no problem - but after that things got a bit on the hairy side. Underneath the frozen snow the ground was just that bit slippy, and well I went over on numerous occasions, just couldn't keep my footing - after the shock of the cold and wet it began to get rather amusing especially for my Dad - who thought it was hysterical. When we reached the top of a fairly icy, snowy field and the only way out was at the bottom a hill I thought 'what the hell'
And slid all the way to the bottom near enough. At the bottom these sweet horses came over, probably wondering what I was doing sitting in snow in their field

Anyway after saying hello to the horses we made our way to the pub for a quick half before going home to defrost those parts of me that were numb.

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  1. Andrea, kool day out.... and the pub later...I like your boots...and the pictures are great... thank you.