Monday, 1 April 2013

Cathays Again

Well, Easter Sunday was a beautiful day - for a change - it seems that winter is never ending as the temperature is still below the yearly average. This time last year we were walking around in shorts and sitting on the beach, this year it has been cold and miserable - but yesterday it seemed like spring had finally arrived (today however, was grey and cold and sun didn't show itself until evening.)

Anyway decided to take another walk around Cathays cemetery and see some more of the tombs and memorials.

 This is the grave of the 'Balloon Girl', Louisa Maud Evans her story is told on the monument and is quite tragic, more information on her can be find by clicking HERE and this is why cemeteries are so fascinating, you just don't know what you are going to find out.

Cathays Cemetery is so large, I have visited it twice now and have only scrapped the surface of the interesting tombs, I will share more photos of  Cathays in the next day or so, but this post is dedicated to the Balloon Girl, her story really made me think about the things we do and how the decisions we make can change our lives - for good or bad. She was brave, I would never be brave enough to jump out of a balloon, even with todays modern parachutes let alone the basic kit that she would have had.

To Louisa Maud Evans


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