Thursday, 15 August 2013

Risca Old Cemetery

As you know (extremely well by now, I'm sure) I love taking photos in cemeteries. Well Risca Old Cemetery is the nearest one to me, only a 5 minute walk up the road, yet the last time I took photos in there was back in 1992 when I was doing a photography course in college.

Opened in 1888 the cemetery is small compared to Arnos Vale or Cathays at only 1.7 hectares.

5 or 10 years ago a lot of the monuments here had either yellow hazard tape around them or they had been toppled by the local council as they were thought to be dangerous.
Today only one or two graves had hazard signs on them, those thought to be dangerous have had the op parts removed and placed to the side or in front of the graves.

Although the small chapel has been closed for some time and there are now new burial spots in the cemetery the council are planning to refurbish it as a chapel of rest as there is still a Garden of Rest in use here.

I try only to photograph the oldest of graves out of respect of the families of the more recently deceased. Also I think it is nice to read the inscriptions and ponder the lives of those who are laid to rest there.

After all the Egyptians believed 'To say the name of the dead - is to have him live again'

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