Friday, 15 November 2013

The Minack Theatre - Porthcurrno

The Minack Theatre was one woman's creation - Rowena Cade, bought the Minack Headland after the 1st World War for £100, and from 1931 until the day she died in 1983, she planned, financed and built the theatre. The first play was appropriately William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Today plays are performed at the Minack from May to September, however you can visit the theatre during the day and learn Rowena's incredible story all year round - and what a story.
You can stand on the stage - as I did and imagine what it would be like to perform there with the waves crashing onto the rocks below.

For more information on The Minack Theatre and Rowena Cade, please visit the website by clicking HERE


Visit their Facebook page, by clicking HERE

I would recommend the Minack as a great day out regardless of whether or not you are a theatre fan, the scenery from the theatre is simply stunning!!!

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