Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ever had one if those days....

When you fell pretty darn useless - well that was me today. I went into work for a couple of hours get a bit of overtime in so I can buy a macro lens. It was a nice morning when I left so I tool my camera with me thinking I might take a few photos down by the riverfront in Newport Centre.
As I left I thought 'what's the point all my pictures are crap, no one reads the blog (if you do please follow and comment) why do I bother?' You see this whole digital thing is a bit of a mystery and I'm learning as I go along.
Anyway one of the guys I work with was having a smoke as I left and he asked if I was off to take pix and I said yes he thn said I've seen some of your pics on facebook some are really good which made be feel great. He likes me loves B&W so I was pretty encouraged to carry on - so I did. I really enjoyed my a walk around and want to get out in Newport and take some more soon. Anyway will post some pix of Newport here as soon as I've played with them a bit.
Maybe I'll go out after lunch on Sunday!

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