Monday, 15 March 2010

The Photos are building up...

Yes not only have I more of Newport to upload here, yesterday, after Sunday Lunch off we went to Maesycwmmer to photograph the old railway viaduct - simply stunning views of the valleys - sadly there aren't that many viaducts left, some bright spark in local government decided the best thing to do would be to demolish them. However the one at Maesycwmmer survives as part of the Celtic Trail a beautiful walk along the old mine railways. So fortunately it is still there in all its glory. It truly is amazing how these things were built without modern cranes and machinery.
However, it was all high up and hilly and I had an asthma attck so instead of tweaking the photos last night I spent the evening asleep as it wore me out. I did manage to get the pix on the PC ready. And as soon as I have time will sort and upload them - I was so bad I didn't even look at them on the monitor like I would normally.
Will try and get them and the rest of the Newport pix up before the weekend as I'm hopefully off to Penalta this weekend for some more shooting.
Remind me to go and get some more memory cards before my holiday

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