Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Other People's Photos

I admit I love looking at other peoples photos - I know most people find them boring but me I love them. I once spent an entire day looking at my sisters photo albums and there were loads of them but to me fascinating.
I also love looking at photos in books and magazines. I can't get enough pf photographs - but here are my problems with other people's photos

1. In this age of internet social networking places like Facebook are great for seeing what people have been up to by browsing their photos - however, it really annoys me when people upload their photos without bothering to roate images taken in portrait format and upload them still in landscape - whether this is because they can't be bothered to sit there and adjust them OR they don't know how to. However, I for one am fed up of getting a crick in my neck when I'm looking. So now I just skip past them and that is a shame as I am probably missing some great images.


2. I was looking at some photos of worcester Cathedral taken by a friend of mine and as I was looking at them I kept thinking about how I would have taken that image, maybe getting in closer to capture the detail. or maybe a different angle, not that I am saying my photos would be any better, just that I could see more images within the images that had been already taken - is this a bad thing? I don't think so. It just means that years of taking photos means I see things differently, also it encourages me to get out and take more photos - although popping into Worcester isn't really an option at the mo. Though I might go back for a visit soon.

So people PLEASE turn your photos the right way it only takes a second and my neck will thank you.

But please don't ever stop taking photos for me to look at!

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