Thursday, 29 April 2010

A great website

One of my favorite things to do is look at old photographs of where I live, where I have lived, where I've visited... let's face it I just love photos old or new so today in work I reccommended to a couple of friends informing them they should check out the photos of Newport as it was way back when, and it was highly amusing listening to them comment on the old phots of the castle, the cineama (now a travelodge!), the high street, the handpost (a pub) and the Royal Gwent Hospital circa 1901!
And thinking about those photos I thoguht what a great idea to try and set up similar shots of those locations today, obiously some may have been taken from inside buildings that are no longer there - but I think I'm going to give it ago.
Another word on the Francis Frith website it is very addictive once you've looked at one area it is so very tempting to look at another - go on I dare you to try it - you'll soon see what I mean!

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