Wednesday, 28 April 2010

To print or not to print

I have a lot of images on my memory cards probably about 700 at the moment - now in the past I have had more - since I first got a digital camera I have taken so many photos but do I really want to print them all? Well the answer is no of course not. Now I know that some people with digital cameras don't ever print their imaages, but I really like having an album of photos or so framed ones on the wall. So what do I do. I edit them in camera after transfering them to my computer of course the same way I would if I had taken pictures on film so I just don't want in an album.
So the question is what company to give my printing business too? Well I used to use Jessops but they shut my local store. The last time I used Asda and they were good as well. This time I'm going to use an online site they can print black & white as well even though it's on colour paper. Also you can store your images online for others to see as well. And if you're good enough you can sell your photos through them as well.
So when I get 500 prints uploaded to the site I will order my prints from them..
Oh and you can pay via paypal as well, which is also very handy.
I will be using them ver soon as I am holiday soon and need to clear my memory cards ready I'll be sure to let you know what I think when the first batch are here

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