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Severn Princess Archive Image

On the English side of the Severn Bridge is a small place called Aust, from here one is almost underneath the old bridge and you are actually standing in between the new and old crossings. In between the two bridges is a third crossing place - now forgotton - The Aust Ferry as it was called from the English side - on the Welsh side it was known as the Bleachley Ferry.

The Ferry was used for cars wanting to travel to Wales but would allow motorists to avoid the 66 mile cross country road journey, but only had room for 17 cars at anyone time (the ferry was in operation for many years before carrying foot passangers but the advent of rail travel caused a decline in numbers) The last ferry crossing was on 8th September 1966, the day before the Severn Bridge opened.

Tne last remaining ferry the Severn Princess, launched in 1959 and withdrawn from service in 1966 was found was found wrecked and abandoned in Ireland in 1999 and has been restored although she will never sail again. She is to form part of a maritime display in Chepstow under Brunel Bridge.

The Aust ferry landing stage

The Old Severn Bridge


To find the Aust landing stage from Bristol head towards Severn Beach - then follow the signs to South Wales then turn off and follow the sign saying Aust Wrath

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