Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Adventures

Well, we truly are at the tail end of the Summer now - the August bank holiday is now behind us - and Autumn is now fast approaching.
However as you know I was planning to go to Witley Court on the weekend - well it never happened - I did go to Tenbury Wells to see my friends - and we had a good time, but on Sunday instead of photographing a beautiful ruined stately home I ended up taking pictures of Fiona's pets - 2 new Guinea Pigs named Gizmo and Spike (well when I left those were the names.) These little creatures were so sweet Spike just spent the morning perched on my shoulder basking in the warm sunlight coming through the window and buy the time I could drag myself away it was gone 1pm so decided to go home and take a stroll by the river instead.
Took a few photos down by the river which is actually looking a lot fuller than it was the last time I went.
And the Bank Holiday Monday, well that was an epic advernture in itself - but I'm going to let you wonder about that til I have worked on the photos - over 200 images recorded yesterday - and tonight I am going to get stuck into them and get the Bristol ones finished as I still have a lot of those to do.
I seem to be getting a backlog again - and I am planning where I can go next weekend.

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