Thursday, 19 August 2010

Selling Prints and a fear of rejection

I am sitting in my office at the moment contemplating my photography - doubts assail me all the time - Am I any good? - is there any point in continuing for anything but my own enjoyment? - Does anyone even read my blog? Well obviously people look becasue I have 9 followers and I am really grateful to them for supporting me - I also know I have friends who click the link to this blog on my Facebook page to read it. One of those who looked last night said to me today. 'I was looking through all the photos and I was saying "she never took these" She thought the were very professional - high praise indeed and she thinks I should attempt to sell my work - well why not? you might ask.
Because I have a terrible fear of rejection that is why I never went beyond my musical theatre training and actually became an actor - I was and am still too afraid of being told 'You're no good.'
So what should I do? Should I try and sell images? and how should I go about it? Should I use a particular website I know of some out there - but if nothing ever sold I would feel terribly let down - it's silly because rejection is an everyday part of life and in normal circumstances is doesn't phase me i.e. being turned down for a job or by a fella - but this because I do have a vey emotional attachment to my photography really does worry me.
Perhaps I should start small with a few of the best images.
Maybe I will
I'll let you know when I do


  1. After seeing your photos, I seriously think you should go for it! I know what it feels like to fear rejection but in all honesty, it's a lot better to just try it! If you do fail, you can just try again. Just stay determined. There is no way anyone can say you're no good as your work is fab! Definitely go for it.

    I had to with the book (got rejections as well) but it paid off in the end - now I'm scared that nobody will like it, or that it'll get bad reviews. But then all I can do is my best. I think you'll do really well with your photos :)

    (Had no idea you had a background in musical theatre!)

  2. thanx have now set it up will be adding more photos as I go
    Yes I did three years in musical theatre and drama was great fun not a bad singer like to get up on the karaoke every now and then