Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Enoying a few lazy days

Well I am enoying my break from wokr though not much photography is happening at the moment thought I do have plans as I have said

Arnos Vale cemetary - this will take several visits as the cemetary is very large 45 acres and full of monuments and wildlife

Newport - the 2010 Newport festival is currently running

Machen - a big hill/mountain just up the road

Bristol city centre and surrounds - again this will take more than one visit as there is so much to see - my family is from Bristol and I want to see where my parents lived and worked so my Dad is going to give me the tour - which I'm prettty sure will end in the famous Llandoger Trow pub - pint anyone?

Tenbury Wells - where I used to live will be visiting my best friend at the end of the month

Witley Court near Worcester - while I'm visiting my friend will pop to Witley and see what they have done in the 5 years since I last visited

Goodwood Revival - am hopefully attending this in Spetember with my friend Shar

Brighton - again with Shar who lives there

Cornwall - a weeks holiday beckons in October - plenty to see and photograph there

On top of that there are general walks on the canal as Summer becomes Autumn and the leaves change colour. And any adhoc visits to other places that might take my fancy - Hay-on-Wye or Cheptstow Castle - Phew

Well as I have so much to see and do I'd better get on with it - I think it might be Machen today - so maybe see you later with some more images!!!

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