Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Back to film - for a little while

As you know I am a digital convert - in fact all the pictures I have taken this year have been taken wither on my Canon 450d, my Canon Ixus 70 or on the Blackberry - so you might say I am a complete digital convert - but I'm thinking to keep things fresh and exciting it's time for something a little different. I have tried infra-red in the past, back in the days when Kodak made a hi-speed film and I liked the results, but sadly Kodak discontinued the film a couple of years ago, but fortunately all is not lost as those lovely people at Ilford still produce their special effects film (SFX), though not a true infra-red film it is the nearest thing there is, especially as I have only one dslr and obviously I am not going to get my camera converted til I have another - so it's back to film for a little while - especially as I am going awaon Saturday afternoon and hope to visit one of my old haunts Witley Court - so along with the DSLR, I will take the old Pentax P30t and see what happens.
Of course that means when I get home, assuming I have used up the entire roll I have to develop it - this is something I actually do miss, that and making prints in a darkroom. I know that with the digital there is no nedd to spend time in a smelly chemical filled room - but I actually like the smell of fix. But alas I don't have an enlarger anymore so I am resigned to having to scan the negs in once they are dry and then order my prints from Photobox.

Talking of scanning, I have scanned my entire colour print archive and the family photo collection - which dates back to well before the 40's, but my Black & White collection - well I have hardly scratched the surface - so I really must get on with it but I do find scanning so very boring, but it has to be done, so tonight I will crack on with it - chances are I won't have anytime to post any new pix - but then again you never know!

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