Thursday, 3 June 2010

Another beautiful sunny day

Once again I am sitting in my office looking out at a beautiful June morning on the horizon I can see the Newport Transport Bridge - something that has been photographed many times in the past but as of yet not by me. One day, maybe. Fortunately I finish my shift at 1pm and after some lunch will got to the Sorting office and pick up a packet they have for me (I am hoping it is my next 500 prints from Photobox), then as I am in the area I am thinking of taking a walk in Cwmcarn Scenic Drive to take some photos of the lake. I realise I am building up a back log of images, as of yet I haven't finished processing the ones from the holiday let alone all the ones from yesterdays walk. But the weather is due to change on the weekend and it is supposed to rain so if it's really bad it will give me time to work on the images as well as still try to sort out the washing and things from the holiday.
I admit that photography is taking up all of my spare time at the moment whether taking, processing, blogging, reading other peoples blogs, photo magazines etc Fnny I dont have many books on photography mainly because they are so expensive, however the author of the blog Light Scrape often mentions books he has read, whether they are in English or Finnish and what he thinks of them so I am thinking of buying The life of the Photograph which looks very interesting. Also I have been thinking of buying a book about William Henry Fox Talbot as well as I am very interesting in the history of photography as well.
Actually I have to admit I'm interested in history full stop but the only books I will mention on the blog are photo related.

Anyway I'm off to browse more books at Amazon, I will return later.

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