Thursday, 24 June 2010

Photography is taking over my life...

Well certain parts of it anyway. For instance I had been looking through photos and reading some books and magazines yesterday that last night I was during of photography - surely that can't be right - although it is better than dreaming about work!
I didn't take any photos yesterday due to the fact I had to perform the most hideous of jobs - that of defrosting the freezer - this is my least favourite job - worse than ironing! Anyway as I said I worked on some images of France and from Tuesday when I took a walk along the River Ebb - Normally I shoot between 60 and 100 pictures but Tuesday I only took 33 out of that I processed about 5 of them - not that they're amazing but some are nice and I do like to get print of some of my shots - look out for them later as I will post them this afternoon.

On to books I started re-reading Ansel Adams at 100, which is an enjoyable look at his life and some of his work. I don't have many photography books but this is one I bought a few years ago, and I nwill write more about it when I have finished it completely

Until later...

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