Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Photos today.

I am sitting in my office, normality has returned after the wonderful holiday (unfortunately) but unlike yesterday which was cold and wet, today's weather looks a bit more promising, although overcast at the moment the sun has been pokling thorugh and I'm sure as the day goes on it will get better. So this afternoon, I am hoping to get to the scenic drive to take some shots with the camera, but I am actually going to use the camera on the BlackBerry to see how they come out as well as using the Canon.
Hopefully the new lens will arrive by the weekend and I will be able to get out and test that as well.
It seems that I am only happy at the moment when I am either taking and processing my own images or studying other people's. Sadly I can't do this for a living but as a hobby it takes up the majority of my spare time and will continue to do so - next purchases are likely to be a tripod and relaese to try longer exposures - must try and rack up some overtime...
Although my birthday is coming up at the end of the month.......

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