Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A couple of quiet days

Well yesterday was my brithday so I did as little as possibly though I couldn't get out of not taking any photos this is because my lovely brother (who is now on the other side of the planet) bought me a tripod - so of course I had to set ot up in the garden and wait for the birds to land in the garden to eat the meal worms that my Dad had put down. And I waited and waited - the birds weren't having any of it mainly because the kids next door were banging their ball against the shed and kept frightening the birds away. Fortunately it was tea time and they soon went into the house and slowly the birds came to feast.
If the summer stays warm and the birds keep coming to visit I will soon have lovely brown arms from all the waiting around - things are looking up already - and no I won't forget the sunblock

roll on the weekend

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