Sunday, 12 May 2013

Close Up Filters are they any good?

Well, as you all know I like taking photos of the flowers in my parent's garden, Normally I use my Sigma lens which has a macro capability, the only problem with this lens is that you have to stand quite a distance away from the subject, also it#s a big lens as it is mainly a telephoto, so of course camera sake is a problem. So for a change I thought I would try a close up filter - having never used one of these before I wasn't sure what to expect. The photos below were taken with a 10x filter, and I am not used to them yet, but all in all not too bad.

Using the filters take some getting used to and I think they work better on a fixed focal length or prime lens, I haven't got one of those so I have used it on my 18-55mm and find it works best at the shorter focal length. Any way I will post some photos that I took using my Sigma lens in the next blog post so you can make some comparision

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