Tuesday, 14 May 2013

St Sannan's Church - Bedwelty

Took a drive on the weekend of the sun (Bank Holiday) around the old stomping ground with my Dad - and like me he likes walking round churchyards and looking at the old graves - so off to Bedwelty - all the times I have visited this place I have only known this pretty church as Bedwelty Church in fact it is called St Sannan's and the parish registry dates back to 1624, and the church is believed to be one of the oldest in Wales. The cemetery that surrounds it covers 5 acres, however the ground here is very uneven, a lot of the graves have sunk over the years, graves sinking over time is a natural phenomenon, however here it is extremely prevalent, for underneath these hills run the many tunnels and shafts of the South Wales Mining industry.

 Spring at St Sannan's

 Church and graves

 A plot with a View

 Fallen Cross

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