Saturday, 18 May 2013

The last of the St Sannan's photos

'Phew!' I hear you sigh, now more grave shots - at least for now anyway. So enjoy these and believe me I will be posting lots of new and different locations in the next day or so when I have finished working on them!

 Another Cross

 Silhouetted Cross 

 Path of the Dead.

We always try not to walk on the graves when exploring a cemetery, out of respect for the dead, but then you come across a path that is made of graves and these are some of the oldest ones, and you have no choice but to walk over them.
It makes me think, you know when you get a shiver down your spine and you say 'Someone just walked over my grave'? Well I always thought - what if someone is - in the future and I can feel it in the now?

Either that or I have been watching too much Doctor Who!

The Last Cross

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