Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eden Project

Set in what was once a clay pit near St Austell in Cornwall, the Eden Project is a fantastic place to visit, 35 acres of plants from all around the world in three segments. The first is the Outside Biome, unfortunately on the day we visited it was pouring down and we got soaked just walking to the entrance of the main Biomes so sadly the only 3 shots of the outside are the ones below.

For me driving to this was mind blowing, when I was 6 I used to live near St Austell in a village called Stenalees and in order to get to the Project we had to drive through the village. Now I hadn't been back there since we moved to Wales in the early 1980s and I wasn't expecting to drive through it to get there- a strange feeling as we actually drove past the house I lived in - completely mind blowing...

As was The Eden Project itself.. I took lots of photos and will be posting more but want to keep the photos from the separate Biomes well, separate

For more information on the Eden Project you can visit there website by clicking HERE

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